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Pageant Information

Click here for a downloadable PDF with pageant information and forms.

Maybe you have been interested in pageants all your life, imagining how that sparkling crown would feel

as it was placed on your head. Maybe you decided to throw caution to the wind and give pageants a

try. No matter what the reason, here it is--- your first step taken toward becoming the new, Miss

New Kent County Fair so now what?


The New Kent County Fair Association is once again proud to sponsor the Miss New Kent County pageant.

Our pageant showcases have become one of the most anticipated events in the area and one of the most popular events at our fair.


Our goal is to recognize the beautiful young ladies in the area. The New Kent County Fair understands that inner beauty is as important as outer beauty, so our pageant is not a beauty pageant in the traditional sense. The categories allow the young ladies a venue to showcase their various skills, talents, and strengths. We encourage, help develop, and reinforce the confidence and natural beauty that is within each girl.


Our wish is for each of our contestants to take full advantage of the opportunity to develop their self-confidence, poise, and talents. We hope long lasting friendships and the unique bond of sisterhood will be formed between the young ladies that become part of our pageant family, and that most importantly each contestant discovers a little something else about herself that makes her all the more special.


So, this is your official invitation to enter the Miss New Kent County Fair Pageant. Please review the additional material, and feel free to call Mrs. Tamika Hathaway, the pageant coordinator at (804)380-5595 if you have any other questions.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Interview portion starts at 8:30

On stage competition 10:30

New Kent Middle School

County Fair Main Stage



Required Areas of Competition to receive the title Miss New Kent County Fair


All age groups will model a gown. Contestants in Petite thru Little Miss division may wear a long or short gown. All other age groups must wear a long gown. Gown should be age appropriate and flattering to you. The gown should not take away from the beauty of the contestant.


Each contestant will be interviewed individually by a Panel of Judges in a closed room. The private interview will take place at a time prior to the pageant. Each contestant should wear appropriate attire, a dress or business suit. Contestants in the Little Miss thru Teen Miss age divisions will be asked a series of questions. Contestants in the Miss Division will present a pageant platform. A platform is the cause or organization a contestant will promote through her title and involvement with the pageant. Think of it as being a spokesperson so when selecting your platform, it is important to stay true to yourself and your interests, so you will be able to discuss them with great knowledge and confidence.


Each contestant is required to enter at least one of the optional competitions listed below. The contestant’s highest optional score will be added to her gown and interview score to determine our winner. Please note that if you enter more than one optional event you are eligible for more prizes and your highest score from all your optional events will be used to determine your overall pageant score.

Optional areas of competition

1. Photogenic:

  • Bring with you to the pageant your best photo to be judged for photogenic. Any size but no larger than 8X10. Turn in when you get there. Photos will be returned to you before you leave.

2. Be You- Tiful Rock the Runway Competition

  • Participants will plan and wear a creative outfit that shows what the theme (Love Being Me) means to them. This does not have to be “formal”, but should be creative, put-together, and reflective of who the contestant is, what brings them happiness or motivates them. Contestants will need to write a brief explanation of the outfit to be read on stage while they are modeling. The music will be upbeat and fast paced.

3. Creative Expression

  • This is the talent portion of the competition. The talent routine should have a title and it should be something that the contestant feels comfortable with. It is something that she is talented at. Sample talent include: Vocal or Instrumental musical performance, Dance, Gymnastics, Drama, or Martial Arts.

  • Each contestant must be able to present her talent routine or performance by herself, within three minutes. Please pay close attention to this three-minute limit; exceeding it results in a deduction in points.

4. Fun in the Sun

  • Modeling an outfit that reflects what you like to do for summer fun or your favorite hobby/athletic activity. If your chosen attire is a swimsuit, it must be a one piece with a waist wrap/skirt. Music will be upbeat and fast paced.


  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. The directors reserve the right to disqualify a contestant if behavior by the contestant, parent, or guest is deemed inappropriate. We reserve the right to refuse any entry.

  • No pro-am routines. No fake teeth, etc. are allowed!!! This is NOT a glitz pageant!


  • Female contestants must be single, never married, without children and between the ages of 5 and 24 on the date of the local pageant. A contestant must be female, who has always been female; of good moral character, never having been pregnant; one that has not at any time been convicted of any crime nor has any criminal charges pending against her. Only contestants whose permanent address is located in the county of New Kent County or their parent(s)/legal guardian is a New Kent County employee are eligible.

  • Winners are expected to be role models in the community. This means winners are expected to be in good academic standing, should not have immoral content on any social network page, such as Facebook or Instagram and should conduct themselves in a respectful manner. If winners do not adhere to this level of behavior, they will relinquish their title and the first runner up will take over the remainder of the reign.

  • The Creative Expression divisional winners will be expected to perform at the fair. This does not preclude the other creative expressional participants. Divisional queens will be expected to make various appearances throughout the fair, for example, handing out ribbons or helping run a game for promotional purposes.

  • All information must be completed on an OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM. Registration fees must accompany the entry form. Checks should be made payable to New Kent County Fair.

  • All registration packets and sponsorship fees are due NO LATER THAN SATURDAY- July 22, 2023.

  • You will be emailed a schedule once your registration packet and pageant fees are turned in. You can turn your sponsorship fees in as you collect them.



We are asking each pageant participant to find patrons and/or sponsors for the pageant and our Patron Princess titles are the New Kent County Fair Association’s way of recognizing each young lady’s efforts. The monies raised by each contestant will have no bearing on who wins the Miss New Kent County Fair title in any of our age divisions. In addition, a contestant will not be penalized for not having patrons or finding a sponsor(s).

The young lady that has the greatest numbers of patrons (this is not the amount of money raised but the number of contributors) will be awarded the title Miss Personal Projection and will receive a crown, sash, and small token of appreciation.

The young lady that raises the most money will be awarded the title Royalty Miss and will receive a crown, sash, and small token of appreciation. Each young lady that submits a patrons list with contributions will be recognized as one of our New Kent County Fair’s Patron Princess and will be awarded with a small token of appreciation.

Miss All- American Girl Community Service Award

Contestants have a chance to help our community and surrounding area by competing in our “Sock It to Homelessness” drive. The contestant will receive points for each number of socks she brings in. Single pairs of socks are worth one point and packs of socks are worth 5 points. The winner of this challenge will receive a crown, sash, and small token of appreciation. There is no fee to enter this particular side competition. Just bring your socks in on the day of the pageant.




Miss New Kent County Fair



__Teeny Tiny Miss* 4–5    __Tiny Miss* 6-7       __Petite Miss*8-9     __Little Miss* 10-11     __ Junior Miss *12 - 13

__Junior Teen Miss 14-15    __Teen Miss *16-17   __Miss *18 – 24

*Age as of August 12, 2023


Contestant’s Full Name______________________________________ Age _____ Birthdate_____________

Parents’ Name___________________________________________________ Phone__________________

Street Address_____________________________________ Email Address_______________________

School/Grade (if applicable)___________________ Favorite Subject_________________

Interesting Facts about Yourself (honors/awards/hobbies…)

Favorites (foods, movies, television shows…)

Parent or Guardian Signature_______________________________________________

Make checks payable to: New Kent County Fair Association

Send completed application and all fees to: P.O. Box 54, New Kent, VA 23124

Miss New Kent County Fair Entry Fee

___ Package I- $50.00 includes: Gown, Interview, & 1 optional

___ Package II- $75.00 includes: Gown, Interview & 2 or more optional categories

If you are entering two contestants- you may take $5 off each contestant’s package entry fee. If you are entering three or more contestants- you may take $10 off each contestant’s package entry fee.

Package choice #____ fee $ _____ = GRAND TOTAL _________________

Please check off which optional(s) your child will be completing in.

___ Miss Creative Expression   ___ Miss Photogenic   ___ Miss Fun in the Sun   ___ Miss Rock the Runway

___ Miss All-American Girl Community Service Award- This isn’t an optional category that counts toward crowning our Miss New Kent County Fair, this is just an additional award we offer that the girls in the pageant can compete free of charge.

Miss New Kent County Fair Pageant

Liability Waiver & Agreement

By participating in the Miss New Kent County Fair Pageant, you (and, if you are a minor, your parents

or legal guardians) understand and assume all risks of injury which may occur while competing in the

above named pageant, and all of its activities, organized by the New Kent County Fair Board and

Pageant Committee.


You hereby grant full permission to use your name, picture, or likeness on any media (including the County website), form, brochure, and any other record of participation in above named pageant for any publicity and/or promotional purpose(s) without obligation to you or your successors, assigns, et al., or liability by the publisher or promoter.

You also hereby release the New Kent County Fair Board, the Miss New Kent County Fair Pageant Committee and, Pageant volunteers, actions of other people including, but not limited to, participants, spectators, event officials, and participating sponsors and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agencies, and (collectively, the "Released Parties") from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Pageant (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light, whether intentional or unintentional), whether under a theory of contract, tort

(including negligence), warranty or other theory.


You attest that you are in good physical condition and capable of participating in the above named pageant.


I (we) hereby certify that I (we) have read this document; and, I understand its content.


Contestant Name (Printed) _____________________________________________________


Contestant Signature Date Signed _______________________________________________


I (we) hereby certify that I (we) have read this document, understand its content and are the

CONTESTANT’S legal parent(s) or guardian(s).


Contestant Name (Printed) _____________________________________________________


Contestant Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Date Signed ____________________________________


Contestant Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Date Signed ____________________________________

*This form must be completed and received with entry form.



2023 Sponsor Information

Sponsors receive promotional announcements from the stage emcee during the competition, their names listed on the sponsorship page in the program, and listed as pageant sponsors on the New Kent County Fair website. The sponsorship fees will benefit both our contestants and the pageant. Our pageant organization would use your donation to cover scholarship awards, entry fees to Miss Virginia Association of Fairs competition, the purchasing of crowns, sashes, participant prizes, plus various other expenses pertaining to the production of the stage competitions.


I would like to be a Sponsor:

___PLATINUM ($300 or more)

___DIAMOND ($200)

___GOLD ($100)

___SILVER ($75)

___BRONZE ($50)


I would like to be listed in the Program Book as follows:



Enclosed is my check for $____________




Sponsorship Deadline is July 28, 2023

Company Name/ Contact: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________


Telephone: Email: ________________________________________________

Please make your check payable to: New Kent County Fair Association


If you are mailing in your form and fees please send them care of

New Kent County Fair, P.O. Box 54, New Kent, VA 23124



Can You Spare $1.00?

Dear Family & Friends: The New Kent County Fair is having a Patron Princess dollar fundraiser. The purpose of this fundraiser is to help support the activities and provide prizes and scholarships associated with the fair. With your support this can be possible. Just sign any line for a dollar.


1. I will start you off. _____________________________________

2. I’m happy to give you a dollar. _____________________________________

3. A dollar won’t break me. _____________________________________

4. A dollar is not very much. _____________________________________

5. I just can’t say no. _____________________________________

6. Well since it’s you. _____________________________________

7. What’s a dollar between friends? _____________________________________

8. I’ll gladly give you a dollar! _____________________________________

9. My dollar is for a good cause. _____________________________________

10. My dollar helps reach the goal. _____________________________________

11. I wish I could give more. _____________________________________

12. What’s one less in my wallet? _____________________________________

13. Count on me for a dollar! _____________________________________

14. Sure, I’ll give you a dollar! _____________________________________

15. I’m always glad to help. _____________________________________

16. I can’t say no to a friend. _____________________________________

17. A dollar from me to you! _____________________________________

18. Don’t leave me out! _____________________________________

19. I can’t spend more than $1.00. _____________________________________

20. I borrowed this for a good cause! _____________________________________

21. Here’s a consecrated dollar! _____________________________________

22. Will $1.00 help? _____________________________________

23. Blessed he who gives $1.00. _____________________________________

24. Here’s my last dollar! _____________________________________

25. Congratulations, you’re #25! _____________________________________

Thank you for your support!

Please make as many copies of this sheet as you need to get your patrons.

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