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New Kent County Fair Association

P.O. Box 54

New Kent, VA 23124

804.932.3155 / 804.350.0750

5 March 2024


Dear New Kent Business,


The Annual New Kent County Fair will take place on August 17, 2024, at Colonial Downs from 12 noon until 8pm.  It is an event that celebrates what’s great about living in the New Kent community.  In order for our fair to be a success, we rely on the support of businesses like yours.  We are asking you to support us in one of the following ways:


  1. A financial donation.

  2. A donation of gift card(s) to your business. (These will be used as prizes throughout the day.)

  3. A basket filled with items promoting your business. These are raffled off during the fair.

  4. Renting a booth at the fair to get positive public exposure for your business.


A member of our Association, who will contact you, will answer any questions you may have.  Or you may call me directly.


All sponsors of our fair will receive recognition at the fair, as well as on our website:


Thank you for considering support for the New Kent County Fair.



Martha A. Martin

Martha A. Martin, Chairperson

Contact phone:  804-350-0750 or 804-932-3155

Count me in!

I want to be part of the 2024 New Kent County Fair


Select how you want to participate by checking all that apply


____   Financial donation – Mail to the address above or we will pick it up.

____   Gift card donation – Mail to the address above or we will pick it up.

____   Donate a basket filled with items promoting your business – Call us when it is ready, and we will pick it up.

____   Rent a Booth - Complete the attached form included in this mailing and return it to the address listed on the rental form.


Thank you for supporting the 2024 New Kent County Fair!


For any donation, please complete the following:


Organization/Company name:  _____________________________________________

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________

City _____________________________________ State _____    Zip ______________

Contact phone: _________________________________________________

Email address:  _________________________________________________

Contact Person:  ________________________________________________

Download a copy of the PDF and mail to New Kent County Fair Association. 

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