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New Kent County Fair Association

P.O. Box 54

New Kent, VA 23124



New Kent Churches,


Did you know that the 2022 New Kent County Fair attracted some 800 to 1,000 visitors?  Most of the visitors had young children with them.  Many of those visitors were relatively new to New Kent County.  Why did they come---one, for a fun day, but two, to learn more about where we live.  The County has a large area set up to share information about the services of New Kent. The Sheriff’s Department and the local political parties are set up to hand out information about upcoming elections and candidates. And of course, lots of vendors, selling their wares!


What was missing was information about churches!


This is a great opportunity to let newcomers know that you are part of our community— where you are located, and what you offer.  And…it is rather inexpensive—cheaper than taking out an advertisement in one of the local papers!  $25 gets you a 9’ x 10’ space indoors or a 12’ x 12’ space outdoors.  If you don’t want to carry a table for display purposes, we can rent you one (along with two chairs) for $10.  All vendors are listed in our program, so you’ll be easy to find!  All you would need to do is prepare your display about your church, come set it up, and get a couple of members to hang out with us from 10 AM until 6 PM. It doesn’t have to be the same two or three people all day. (By the way, we do have a funnel cake vendor coming this year in case you get hungry!)


We’ve enclosed the necessary paperwork for you to fill out and mail in.  If you have additional questions, call Martha Martin at 804-932-3155 or 804-350-0750.


Hope to see you at the 2023 New Kent County Fair!!!

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